Ayurveda | The Ancient Medical Science and History

Ayurveda | The Ancient Medical Science and History

Ayurveda | The Ancient Medical Science and History

Be friendly to all the creatures...
Reconcile the angry...
Console the frightened...
Be merciful to poor...
And be truthfull always...

     Yeah..Ayurveda is a ancient practice that came from the great sages.Though it is easy to continue that has been already started but to start by oneself  it is difficult task. To one steps to begin But our elders proved them self and created a pure world of Ayurveda why we should oppose that, that is our science our Indian culture. Ayurveda is going to be unseen now a days the struggle of our elders going to be vanished.

     Ayurveda is not only a medicinal science it is a life to which our health supports is is human friendly. Ayurveda treatment  is a wonderful route to win against the disease  but to give up our self for such diseases fight and win.. prove your self to be a healthy.

     We agree it is a developing country so called digital India...every one wants to be in fastest life styles...it is believed that Ayurveda medicine is slow! Who said! Ayurveda even have a medicine of quick healing too ...think over it WHY IS AYURVEDA? 

It came to us to save us to save the humanity, nature is the best partner of Ayurveda...every one wants a pure air, pure life, pure environment. I suggest even you people deserve the pure medicine to maintain your pure health.. 

Unlike we Indian people, foreigners show a heart full interest towards our culture, its our culture even we should be well-versed in our knowledge.. we must take the benefit of Ayurveda...
Ayurveda is not that much complicated just step towards it, it will show you the natural path to lead.

Ayurveda | The Ancient Medical Science and History

 Health enthusiasts who advocate the use of natural ingredients and aim to minimize unwanted side effects...

     Ayurveda not only includes the minor treatment it has a capacity to heel up the major disease like cancer or life threatening disease..
Many people ignore to spend time to understand Ayurveda or to read kind of blogs..People don't the Ayurveda actually has the supreme power hidden in it .Many kind of treatments will come under Ayurveda like Panchakarma. 

Ayurveda is the science which  is Eco-friendly the medicine not even going to complicate even after a years and even to life threats for the expired ones..

As we people show the interest towards the cosmetics made with Ayurvedic products even we can watch in TV in our daily life..

Ayurveda | The Ancient Medical Science and History

         Many acharyas has given their complete effort to spread out this knowledge In the field of Ayurveda even the metals gems pearls are made sterilized or purified n used in the form of medicines...mercury which is called as poisonous metal has made the most beneficial drug..this we study under Rasashastra..
The main support of health is Tridoshas where the health stands up.

The aim of Ayurveda is

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं।

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