LOVE | The Precious Thing We All Need

LOVE | The Precious Thing We All Need

LOVE | The Precious Thing We All Need

LOVE | The Precious Thing We All Need: Love is born when two eyes meet, two hearts beat, and two souls come together. Love is born when you give; when both give. Receiving is an unneeded and unplanned benefit. 

That doesn't mean a love is only born between humans it may be on objects or on animal.And if you have observe that whenever you ask someone "What you love? " the most replies will be like my mom/gf/pet/friend but you may hear the word "myself" which is said by less people .

When you turn the pages of history to know about love there more lines about love which are not ending till today. 

If I ask give me a example for love then suddenly your Answer would be a Tajmahal or a story of Romeo and Juliet and only some people know that DASHRATH MANJHI who has cut the mountain which killed his wife and he took 22 years to do it, the time doesn't matter but the love he has towards his wife was showed up. 

LOVE | The Precious Thing We All Need2

And don't forget even God's have the love stories and only Vedas remember them. The example for a purest love would be a between mother and her child which would never end. And most of writers or poeters said that money can buy any thing but not mother . 

Did you ever ask your mother that what she loved? The research say that it takes a fifth of a second for the euphoria-inducing chemicals to start acting on the brain when you are looking at that special someone it was a conclusion of Stephanie Ortigue. 

A love is not just about romance it's about giving important or being comfortable with them and sharing own words with them which would be a strange things.Partnership and sincere affection. It’s possible, over the months and years, to lose the passion of the beginning, but continue to be happy.

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 A healthy couple, happy and satisfied, knows that true love is nourished in the complications of daily life, where they keep smiling and dreaming for their future together and one of research say that the more fighting and cooling it would be a long type relationship which leads to a better understanding between both. 

In today's generation love is a romance and when you ask aged people what would be a love according to them, some of the answers would be a :

  • A good understanding
  • Trust
  • Freedom
  • balance of happy and sad
  • Peace

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Most of youngers ask to there grandparents about there first love when they fell in love and they try to implement in there love which aged have felt. The efforts are more and they are kept secret to keep there love strong which is made by both of them and which makes a perfect love.

Expressing the love is different from everyone and that makes the generation gap, in 21s century the social media has been a platform for love in earlier the letters and roses were the things to express. Some of them think that keeping the partner happy by buying what she/he needs and giving her freedom and it would not be a love.

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Love the person who loves your character not your money and do not ever change the attitude /character to get her/him and if you love her/him truely then share your even bad and sad things that you faced which would bring a better understanding between both.

At last make the memories of love to tell your grand children about ,it definitely one day the questions would arrive to your child or grandchild , as it has arrived to us now.

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