Procrastination | My Second Nature

Procrastination "my second nature"

Procrastination "my second nature"

Procrastination | My Second Nature:
     Like every one else in this world who dream big and work small. I come under this category of postponing my goals. Limiting myself to smaller destinations. 

Even to write this piece I have been procrastinating till the very end. It's not like I'm incapable of completing the task given. I very well have enough stories cooked in my head which could last a decade.

 Yet dotting them out and bringing them together had been impossible till now. It wasn't exactly impossible, otherwise you wouldn't be reading it. It's just that I kept on delaying the part where I could have written it and drafted it out.

Procrastination | My Second Nature

Delaying as I said earlier is the lack of dedication given to the work.
And behind every fear of 'I can't do this', and every other reason such as,
  • I'll do it tomorrow,
  • I don't have enough time,
  • Let me concentrate on something else and do this later. 
  • I don't have anything jotted down.
  • Ideas aren't coming my way.
  • It'll all come around eventually
 - are the signs of a true asshole such as I.
Let me tell you, I am not some professional, who can guide you through procrastination.
I am one who delays work, have been doing all my life and now somehow by the grace of my mistakes am suggesting you not to be a dumbhead like me.

 It's easier to point at others and say they're being lazy and putting their work aside instead of finishing it on time but it's way more difficult, nearly noticable to see through our own mistakes. You see our eyes can only watch the world and the happening. It can't see itself and that's why it's harder to notice when we go wrong.

     So the next time when your mum says you to get your ass off that bed and start your day, Do has she says.

That's the first step towards doing anything right. Learn the act of listening. When you listen you understand and when you understand you act upon it. Work towards betterment unlike the last time when you fucked up.

It'll not totally stop your procrastination but it's progress

Procrastination | My Second Nature

Let's start small, baby steps towards decreasing your increasing delaying.
  1. Always keep track of your work.
  2. Set a deadline to anything you do.
  3. And finally complete it step by step.
For example: you've been assigned the task of collecting names of all your classmates or colleagues or neighbors.. and your supposed to get each and every one of their names and submit it by Saturday.(assuming today's Thursday,you have 2 days). Start with today. Keep track of the time required to collect all the names, if there are 100 people how much time will it take to get an individuals name and per person how much time.
     Next set a deadline for yourself, mark to yourself that you'll complete the task by Friday night. And start with the people nearest to you and so on complete the task assigned. That way you can stop procrastinating. Otherwise if you sit in the process of delaying you'll wait till Friday saying 'you still have a day and then make foolish mistakes', stress yourself and people around you, would be confused as to whose name to collect first, might end up taking names of same person twice, all in all would end up making a lot of mistakes. That's what happens when you postpone your work till the last moment. 

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