Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself

Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself 

Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself

SELF LOVE               
          The best kind of love is ‘self love’, not the parental, not the sibling, not the social, not even the love between lovers, it’s the one where you fall for yourself. When you love the person standing 

in-front of your mirror ”YOU”, you’ve been truly loved.

 What is self love?

            The  act of loving yourself doesn’t mean you buy a new house, a good meal or getting into a new relationship. It’s not just materialistic happiness of things or people around you that can make you love your self more, it’s the overall journey you take with yourself.

it’s a mental hygiene you have to follow for the rest of your life to keep your mind, heart, soul your entire body healthy. It’s a psychological, physical,emotional,spiritual growth to love yourself entirely and truly

Self love is a never ending process, to let go of fears within you and to face every obstacle with everything you have and to be confident of anything that’s ahead of you. letting go of thoughts like

what will others think’ , or ‘no body loves me’, every god damm opinion that questions your decision, and to stay put to yourself, true to your gut feeling.

What you think matters most. Be you, stop blaming yourself, re grating, punishing and  start loving, understand, forgive yourself.

loving yourself well, will only let you love others better

Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself
  • Is being selfish for your happiness considered being rude ?
  • Are you happy with the choses you’ve made?
  • Are you happy with people around you?

All these question matter most when you process self-love. 

Do you really need others to tell you how beautiful you are/ how hardworking/ how dedicated you are towards your work, how caring, understanding and how important or how efficient you are. Do you seriously think that you need someone other than you to come and tell you, what you are ?

which you yourself can check.

You crave for a companion with a desire for their company and you love them for yourself. 

The reason we fall in love, get married or even live in a society filled with weird norms is because,

for ourselves. We do all this for the sake of living.

You don’t fall in love with some stranger whom you don’t like, you only choose a partner who understands you, worries about you, knows your likes and dislikes and the one you have this special bond with, and most importantly the person who makes you feel special. As if  there is no one like you, and that makes you love them and yourself. 
Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself 2

Involuntarily you are searching for someone who loves you , and that’s a good thing, to fall in love is to fall with the cycle of loving . That means giving love, loving others and their habbit  just as they love you. No sooner this cycle starts it’s leap, you stop focusing on the main reason for falling in love with the other person, the reason was you wanted some one to love you. 

The reason you started liking them in the first place is because you craved for love, and somewhere in this cycle of loving the other person you forget loving  yourself .

   Ever since our birth we are prone to loving, As kids we love our parents, as teenagers our friends, family, as adults we love our partner, better half, as grown-up we love our children and as we grow older we love our grandchildren.Through out this cycle we somewhere forget to love ourselves

Why does a kid love his parents?

Obvious answer, he loves his parents because  they’re the first thing that he witnessed and the ones who are around him.

Ask him why ?

Then he’ll say they are my parents, they gave birth to me , take care of me, love me, play with me. value my happiness.( well the kid won’t say all this but this is the pattern) . What do we know about love when we are little. We know nothing, it’s the lessons that our parents teach us, the things we observe gives us the idea. And slowly we start walking on the pattern yourself.

At least when we were children we were honest, loved honestly, one drivers towards other when one seeks the unseen. The magic behind loving, that one can’t sustain living by being alone, and needs another soul to love you, be with you, and through all this you learn a truth

 i.e, You love others for yourself and that is not selfish.

Lack of self love may lead to various outbreaks, losing faith in oneself is the worst, when your not capable of loving yourself. you’ll never be able to love others. You start to doubt your thoughts, will not be able to completely trust others, never let friends/family come near , cut ties and would rather live alone in world filled with strangers. In spite being in a crowd would still be lonely and loneliness shall seek desperation.
Self Love | An Article about Loving yourself6
Where to start with self love?

   You don’t have to travel the world to love yourself, the main ingredient to love yourself is you.

To respect yourself means, respecting everything that’s surrounded by you. 

Understanding what the problem is ?

What your struggling from, anxiety, depression,anger,sadness, any negative energy  that you think you might be facing, clam yourself. Talk to yourself and comfort your mind the same way you would do if a friend of your suffered from these. 

Meditate and keep your mind stress less as much as possible.

 If you feel your alone talk to someone, a pet, family, and if you don’t want to share your troubles then try to seek help by reading about it, analyse the situation you are in, and detox you mind and soul, go for walk and relax.

Encourage yourself to live with positivity and have a optimistic attitude towards life.

Save yourself from those nasty thoughts and always believe in yourself, and always remember Self love is not Selfish.

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