The Nerd Mafia

The Nerd Mafia

     There exists a vicious group with extreme intelligence in the North Western Washington area sometimes referred to as ‘The Mafia’. Every day, they sit together at lunch and are all friends. However, some members are hated by almost everyone.

     Every school, college, university or institution has one such ‘Nerd mafia’. I don't literally mean the armed men with terror in their eyes. I mean people with pens as their weapons and intelligence instilling terror. These are regular humans with big brains. Unlike Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory whom we love to watch because it’s just a sitcom, they are the Sheldon's of real life whom we cannot bare in reality. That's when we understand how it feels to be Penny.

     Our average or the low IQ cannot match theirs. We may have other skills but they are teachers’
minions. It’s not that I hate every nerd mafia and Im putting my anger out. Its just that sometimes we grow tired of them. That, every day when the other students fight for their seat in class, first benches are reserved and nobody dares to touch them. And they may have unintentionally turned into your biggest enemies or you abhor their presence. The non-existent pressure that you put on yourself because of them must stop, and to those of you dont give a rat’s ass about this mafia culture or any other has to do and are not affected, kudos!! Your life has different kinds of problems. To those who
suffer just because you tend to dislike them because they ruined it, take a chill pill. Because the good part about them is that, no matter how they are, thats their nature and they arent actually trying to turn your life into what it is. It’s just you, who gives them too much attention. So stop paying so much heed to them.

     I did the same. So as Mark Manson says, "Stop giving unnecessary fucks to everyone quote, Ive learnt my lesson. Your life does not depend on what others are doing around; it does on what you make of it.

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