Vamana | The Ayurvedic remedy for vitiated disease


Vamana | The Ayurvedic remedy for vitiated disease


The procedure in which the aggravated doshas are expelled out from the mouth.

Indication of vamana

 नवज्वर अतिसार अध: पित्तासृक---

In the condition of recent fever skin, disease, cyst, herpes etc this vamana karma is indicated


अवम्या गर्भिणी रक्ष क्षुधितो---

Pregnancy, dryness, hunger, children, old, leen, obsessed person etc

Sansarjana krama

 यथा अणु अग्नि तृणगोमद्यदै---

Sansarjana krama is the procedure which is done after the vamana karma this is done because to increase the digestive power and in this sansarjana karma includes the schedule of food and medicine given according to the vamana karma.

Vamana vidhi

Vamana vidhi consists of three stages

  1. Purva karma
  2. Pradhana karma
  3. Paschat karma 

 1.Purva karma

Vamana | The Ayurvedic remedy for vitiated disease

Snehana(the medical procedure of massaging body with oily substance) later followed by swedana karma(sudetion therapy)

  • kapha utkleshakara ahara(the food like black gram, seasem, fish added with oily substance
  • On the day of vamana karma the patient who has slept well in last light should be given with milk, cane sugar milk etc like substance added with honey up to the capacity  of the patient

2.Pradhana karma

Vamana | The Ayurvedic remedy for vitiated disease

After knowing the condition of dosha and patient the suitable vamaka dravya is selected and administered to patient  after the administration of vamaka dravya (madana phala is best vamaka dravya)

     After some time the vegas or the vomit will starts if the vegas of vomit  wont start in 48 mins then the patient is asked to insert the finger and tickle his throat  or with soft tube.

Soon the vomit starts one attender has to hold the the forehead of the patient another attender should massage  his abdominal back from below upwards.

 Yellowish color appearance in the vomit indicates the pitta and it will be end of vamana.

3.Paschat karma

Vamana | The Ayurvedic remedy for vitiated disease

  • mukha prakshalana(face wash) should be done with luke warm water
  • dumrapana(medicated smoke) should be done using suitable dhumavarti

Samyak vamana lakshana

नी:विभन्दं प्रवर्तन्ते कफ पित्त अनिला: कृमात---

Properly done vamana karma indicates sequential elimination of kapha pitta vata without any difficulty calmness of mind and feeling of ease are the symptoms of properly done vamana karma.

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