Mother | The GOD on Earth | Family

Mother | The GOD on Earth

Mother | The GOD on Earth | Family

Mother | The GOD on Earth | Family:
The hands that takes and took care of our entire life .For some people she is super hero.The smile and advice which brought us above, even the depression takes the route to go back when we speak with her. Who didn't study the psychology but still recognizes what we need and what we are feeling and the love which is 100% pure. The only word which comes into our mouth when we fell down and the God only who is visible to humans I think you got about who is she?

MOTHER the word itself makes us emotional and energetic,when we were small the moon light dinner remembers me everything and the inspirational word that were told for the first time at  stepping the school, I don't know how we are now but I am sure that when we were small our face would be white which was filled by the powder which was applied to us by her and now days we spray perfume our-self but at those day the powder smell was the perfume to our body.

Mother | The GOD on Earth | Family2

The scary monster (gumma) was remembered by her when were not having food .The mistakes which we have done are still the secret for the father but not to mother. The richest person who buy everything that my hand hold or pointed towards it. Do you still remember that we would get a kiss for going to school and I still miss it today and Do you miss it?

Any mother in this world never compared with other children and if she do it then definitely it will be for marks. Her level of forgiveness is unmatch-able. A Mother is capable of forgiving any mistakes and knows how to change her child. She is the one who makes loneliness disappear when we are into it. No one can replace mother and father's place in this world. The daily routine of her life can be defined but mother's day routine is set by family's routine.

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When you get separate from your mother in market after getting her you scold her because you were not lost it is because of her love towards you. The speed limit is 40 when she is back and taking her a long drive is awesome feeling in life. Even the doctors medicine fails in front of her home medicine. When we can’t sleep at night she will keep our head on her lap until we fell asleep. Above all, she never leaves our side even in the hardest of times.

The greatest character is "mothers who incontinently turn their heads when they hear the word "Mom", even though they know that their kids are nowhere around". The person who never shows selfishness and ego in her life is mother. 

Mother | The GOD on Earth | Family3

You will be surprise to know that Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado born on 23 September 1933 is a Peruvian woman who became the youngest mother in history, giving birth at age five years, seven months. She is also believed to be the youngest documented case of precocious puberty.

In the 2017 MANUSHI CHILLAR won the miss world 2017 and she was asked a question that "Which profession should receive the highest salary in the world?" and she gave fabulous answer which stunned the judges and audience there and the answer from her was,  "A mother's profession should receive the highest salary and respect in the world."

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The love of mother is also seen in the animals like where kangaroos Cary there baby in there pouch which provides a safe place for her babies to stay until they grow large enough to survive outside the pouch on their own and when giraffe gives birth to the new child mother kicks child harder to make it stand to not to be eaten by wild animals, even the birds bring food to their child till there fathers come and after that the mother kick the child out of the nest to make them fly.

Behind the every word of her has a reason and lets give her a big salute to all the mothers who comprise of a bundle of emotions that sometimes defy reason. So this goes out to all the mothers who have kept awake all night with their sick toddlers in their arms, constantly uttering those compassionate words, "It's OK honey, Mommy's here."

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