My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing | Family

 My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing 

My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing | Family

My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing | Family 
At the Time of my birth there first jealous was born when they see there brother on the hands of her family and at the same time they were seeing the cutest object in world, from that sec her first responsibility was started and she is sister.

Being in the same school was joy to me because taking to school and bringing me back to home was done by my sister with tight hold of hands, and I call it as advice time and by the words that "I AM THERE" would feel the school is mine and I would see my sister becoming rowady to my classmate when they would tease me and at the same time I would see motivational speaker in her.

Whenever it comes to home work she was the one who completes it faster and tries to explain my own home work to me as like I didn't attend the class and some time I would miss my school for not doing homework and that day she would double my work by bringing the homework of that day from my friend.Some time she would do my homework when she doesn't have any work.

My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing | Family2

How can we forget the marks that was made on her back which were printed while fighting each other for simple things , the sympathy or build up that she would take from parents was at another level due to which even all mistakes would take my side to get scolding from parents. It will be not wrong if I call her "Complaint box of my home" even teacher would put letter into complaint box before writing it into my book and she would along it by adding some more words into it to see me from getting scolding from parents. 

Using her makeup and ornaments in the annual day of my school to my character was compliment and standing beside the video grapher to show my sister for zooming her face in video. 

Seeing her face with combination of shocking and angry when would play with her doll, me trying rotate it's head to 180 degree and drinking the invisible tea with her in tiny cups of toys and becoming patient when she brings doctor kit. Even to keep her happy played girls game with her which were different from boys game. The best of it was acting like got hurt and making her to take scolding from parents. 

My Sister | God's Greatest Blessing | Family3

On this day, a sister ties a rakhi around the wrist of her brother in order to pray for his prosperity, health and well-being. The brother in return offers a gifts and promises to protect his sister from any harm and under every circumstance, on this day the most of brothers prefer to give chocolate to them which is favorite to them, seeing the happy while they are receiving it is fabulous. 

In this world 50% of brothers have loved there sisters friends which is strong due to her and she will be the mediator between them and the most of the secret know to the sister like going to Goa and that will be know to only her. The positive thing is that it is never revealed to other by her.

How can I forget the sisters we get in our school and college who completes our homework, general of subject and who show us there answers on exam day, with that giving us pens,pencil and eraser and who brings variety of compass every day to classes.

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden so the sisters we get are precious whether they are from same womb or from other womb. 
But still we live in a such society that even seeing brother and sister on road the thinking of there brain changes but what happens we know what we are who cares about society, who give names to everything they see. 


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