Together or FARever - Unexpected turn (trailer)

Together or FARever

Nothing comes back from the past. 
It's been long time, I don't have any clue about him, with whom I had a past with. I don't want to think about that bond, and even I don't regret about my past, even those happenings of my past made my heart to break into pieces.  I kept saying my heart that "you are made to be broken".

From then i started searching happiness in myself rather than searching it in others. My life is neither happy, nor sad, it's just an empty soul with no emotions at all. And now i feel that everything is going fine with my life. Then I got to see someone, who turned my thoughts on, and from them everything satrted And now i don't know whether we are meant to be together nor FARever.....

Based on true story

Releasing on : 02-04-2020

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