Together or FARever | Episode 1 - Eye catching


Together or FARever | Episode 1-Eye catching

Together or FARever | Episode 1 - Eye catching
They say we meet lot many people in our journey called life and We know that we all have one 
beautiful life, one true love.

I have a story too.. 
With one beautiful life and two true loves.
They both stayed in me, 
One in my memories.
One in my dreams.

One in my memories, was my first love
One in my dreams, was the one I fell for

I'm Poorvi a well settled women with well versed profession that's event management.
Actually well going life but with a painful baggage carrying, 
It was 2nd year of my under-graduation... 

I fell in love for the first time.. Called first love 
Not wit the classmate or colony-mate 
Sadly a far distance relationship My schoolmate Daksh.

He was charming, cute in acts, innocent, introvert, with overposseivness ....I accepted him after 2 years from the day he proposed, he never stopped loving me even after rejection, he waited for so long time... It made me to fall for him so deeply. 

There is a magic in far distance relationships actually, we feel so much loved even when we are far.
We had many conflicts too, but we were back together wit the extra dosed love.
But one day one of our fight turned to be the greatest pain. A misunderstanding turned everything in wrong way...
We broke up in so simple way We were in relationship just for a year but with bundles of love.
In the span of our relationship we met each-other just twice but those moments were priceless....

We both had those days.... 
where we met without any plan, where our first kiss was sooo exciting in my home, where we hugged tightly as we never wanna let go, where we walked together a miles, where we waited for each other for long time, where we fought without any reason, where we made up a silly conversations, where we smiled , where we cried together...

Every moment was a valuable moment... I didn't even want to waste a single second when i was with him... We loved each-other badly.. Every memory built but..., 
As said " every relation comes with an expiry date ".

He was sending me letters even in the era of speed dials and video-chats. 
His letters were so romantic, Finally after few days of breakup I got a letter from him


And finally said, I'm leaving this country and shifting to abroad with my family . it will be my last letter, Take care..

Breakup was very easy and then  started a real time pain. I was shed with a buckets of tears But I couldn't get out through him.
As we just decided to go in our own paths.

I started to forget everything and move on. I was into my academics, 
I'm finally in last year of my graduation and last semester too... I got completely out Daksh, in fact few things remind me of him but I'm off him now. There was still 3 months left to move out from my college. 
They say beautiful moments occurs in very light span of time, and there it happened......
A casual day in college, I was sitting with my friend Urvi, she is my constant in all phases of my life.

Then I found a guy 
He was rushing somewhere, I kept watching him, he was doing some work right straight to me, but his acts were bit weird because he was doing it with lot of rush as if like a competition, but he was cute being like that actually. 
 I just turned back to Urvi for a while and again turned to show him to her, He was not there. 
My eyes asked me to see him again. After so long days of my breakup it was the time I felt someone's image catchy. That day i didn't find him again. 

The next day my eyes started searching for him. 

I didn't name it as a crush, First sight nor luv blah...blah.... It was fun searching for him... N der I found him for the second time with super-fast legs..
     I didn't knew it was so difficult to catch him because he would always rush like hell, he was always found alone and seems like a busy always, I even felt like he is broken.

He was from the other course in same college.
Day by day i got desperate

His name was Rithvik I got to know all about him somehow....actually I turned to be a stalker. 
     I don't want to meet him nor express him about this feeling.
     But I want to see him daily, he was kind of happiness to me. 

I strongly believe in these letters philosophy. 

So decided to send him a letter saying  
And to say, someone like me exists. I decided to give a letter to him in college itself.... But not to reveal me....

So I wrote a letter and came up with a master plan.....! 

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