Together or FARever | Episode 2-Breath Taking

Together or FARever | Episode 2-Breath Taking

(Continued from Episode 1-Eye Catching)

Together or FARever | Episode 2-Breath Taking.
It's common that everyone go crazy in few things at few times.
I got to see many boys around me like handsome, cutest of all, sexiest one too but no one is as attractive to me as him the one messy guy Rithvik.

I felt some what blissful to spell his name too

I want to introduce my presence to him. As I said a letter and a plan. 
I wrote a letter -

Made an envelope ready and a rose above that. 

Now I asked my friend Urvi to give it to him. It took two days and one night to make her agree to give it to him in return of some chocolates and Ice cream. 
     Any way the day had come, I and urvi are waiting near the entrance of the college. There we found him coming

     I pushed Urvi and I ran some distance far to her, 
     I could hear my heartbeat, hands were shivering, far to him even then scared to stand. 

Urvi is so daring one actually, she stopped him and told,

     One of the girl just stopped me and gave this letter, and she shown you
     And told please do make this letter reach him. And she left. 

For the first time I saw him standing still at one place. He looked totally confused, maybe for sometime he couldn't make out what just happened . And he moved from there and me too behind him.

 I was daily kept admiring him crazily. We are group of five friends one among them is my bestie Urvi and others Rashi, Nisha, Sony . We were going back to our home after the classes got finished. 

Then I found him going in the way to cafeteria of our college. My friends didn't agree to come with me untill I treat them something in cafeteria. So I agreed to get them something to eat and there we started following him. He was holding his phone in his hand so I decided to text him through my Insta fake ID, which was created only for him. He asked me who is this, I directly asked ,

       Are you going to cafeteria? 
       He said yes, and you are the one who sent me a letter!
       I was shocked by listening this and asked how did you know! 
       He said, I was expecting a message from you.
       And he asked, you here again following me? 
       I said, yes! as always.

I still remember the way he searched for me all in the way.

   And my friends kept laughing at the way I act. It was the most humors and breath taking movement ever too because he should never get doubt on me. It was kinda funny hide n seek that day.

I just said him once, that I don't reveal my identity, we will never exchange numbers, we will never go to blind dates etc.. But still I keep admiring you. Let's keep this bond magical without any expectations. I told I will never hurt you nor play with your feelings and it's my promise.

        He started believing me and shared everything of his life. He could have blocked me or ignored me but he didn't. Maybe there we both got into a line of understanding. 

 He said me about his past which was worse. He don't trust anyone easily because of his bad past. Actually he was broken from inside that's why to forget all happenings, he keeps himself busy every time. His each word hit me hard. 

     From there we both got into a nameless magical bond. He never asked me to say who I'm because he valued my decision. 

Then came a Valentine's day.
He was my Valentine then, 
I sent him a chocolate and a painting done by me through Sony.
        Painting which says 
        "maybe someday"

The unexpected thing happened was he gave Sony a chocolate and a letter and told, 

please do make these reach that girl.

Can you just imagine that moment of mine. I held myself controlled went to my room locked the door and screamed hell loudly and celebrated that moment like a heaven, I couldn't control that happiness. 
Opened that letter 

Days passed so quick, finally exams appeared we both got indulged with our own studies. We couldn't get proper time to communicate....

    After few days, We have finished our exams. One of the crucial moment of our life is saying goodbye to the people you loved. 
    I got a message from him
Saying, I never asked you to say your name or to show your face. 
But now we have to move on from here. You no more can send me letters through some mates, nor follow me to cafeteria or somewhere. 

    Finally he asked, 
    Shall we meet?

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