Together or FARever | Episode 3-A New Turn

Together or FARever | Episode 3-A New Turn

(Continued from Episode 2-Breath Taking)

Together or FARever | Episode 3-A New Turn.
Dreadful ,
When you know you can't get to see him again. 
When you realize you no more stays near to him.
When you can't follow him and admire him anymore. 
When the person you love is leaving just a footprints not his presence. 

When the situation comes to say a goodbye to the one you want to held forever in your life. 

We spend our time with each others without realizing that, one or the other we get to leave them. Togetherness will never remind how worse that goodbye kills us.

Now, We are done with all exams. I got a message from him, as 
     Shall we meet ? 
I was quite, he asked it for the first time. I just said 
With eyes full of tears, heart full of pain.  

I love to see him, talk to him but the thing I'm scared is we will get fed up after few days if we start casual face to face conversation... 
I don't want that to happen again, i want a love that lasts in presence or in absence of us. 

So I further said, 
All the best for your future. 
I'm deactivating this account, I will no more make you go crazy about knowing who I'm. 
I will still hold you forever. 
As a forever stranger.

I got no message from him. 
It was the last time I have texted him. 

It's been 2 years from the day we left each-other.
Now I don't have any clue about where he is or how he is...!
I have finished my post graduation too in remembrance of him. 
I couldn't get out from his picture in my mind. 

Can anyone be so crazy about someone for so long time even without any contact. I kept seeing his photos and chats like a deep lover types.
     I never felt regret about the thing I did, I never felt like revealing me because if i did so, as all people he would get bored of me, we would have become far today if we were in contact.
     A hope that he still reminds of me made me live with a smile.

I started my own business as a event manager. A good start and now here with very good step in, I'm well recognized in this profession i dealt with many biggest events, very happy with what I have right now. It's been 3 years in this profession. 
     But i still hold them both in my mind. I feel like mad about the feeling I have for those both Daksh and Rithvik.

Life is full of surprises as we know, one day I was to deal with one of my clients event.
     I was making all the preparation required for that ceremony, 
     My mind freezed for a second  Because I saw him.....

It was Daksh
     After 6 long years from our move on. 
I found him standing on the stage with well dressed like a groom, He was so charming and with those same glittery eyes. 
    It was a marriage ceremony. 
    I could feel nothing accept a frozen hands and legs. 
    My eyes started shedding tears for no reason. Many thoughts inside my brain 
    Why is he here? 
    What is he doing here?
    Is this his marriage? 
    I was quite, and continued with my work. I was trying to escape from his eyes. 

But he found me out, 
He came to me and asked,

I got to knew that this is managed by you... I was waiting for you from long back. 
how are you
And said that, he was happy to see me there 
And much happier that I'm managing his sister's marriage. 
After listening it's his sister's marriage. 
My heartbeat got into a normal. 

We just talked for a while and later he showed a picture of a girl and said. 
I got engaged
I smiled, got up from there and rushed into the room and sat calm.
Thinking of nothing.....
  I was done with the work there and left that place as soon as possible. 

Then I got a message from him 
    A notification popped with his name after so long years gap. 
       He said, you grew beautiful, I could never take my eyes out of you. 
       And the girl I shown you was my cousin and i just made fun to see how you react. But you left with no word that's okay
     He further said, It's true we moved on but I still keep thinking of you. I got attracted to many people even then I still think of you. I think it's not easy task to get over of you and your thought
       I was blank by seeing those messages from him. 
       I didn't reply his message.
       I just left all and went to sleep.

The next day,
All at once i started feeling alone. Broken, messed up, I could only think of Daksh words ,
I questioned myself, 
do I still have feelings towards him?
Am I still loving him? 
Then why I'm feeling same for Rithvik?... 
I got into a mixed emotions.
   I went to my office with great confusions in mind. 
I didn't knew I was to meet one more  fantastic heartache  in my life, 
     so there...,
         That fine day I saw him in my office........ Not Daksh,
         This time it was Rithvik 
         Again a new turn ....!

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