Together or FARever | Episode 4-Full Stop

Together or FARever | Episode 4-Full Stop

(Continued from Episode 3-A New Turn)

Together or FARever | Episode 4-Full Stop.
Each day your life tries to teach you something new, it's you who need to realize what exactly the time tries to say you. 
     Maybe today my life is going to teach me that " To be prepared against surprise is to be trained". 
     I saw him in the office, dressed in a blue blazers with a white shirt and a trousers, he was looking like highly professional
     I saw him today Ritvik my king of dreams, person I flood my feelings for, person who made me live in a dreamland

..... He entered into my cabin. 
      I started sweating in the A/c room. 
He sat and introduced himself as a manger of the biggest company, and here he came to make a   deal to organize the annual gathering of there company.
   I uttered no word, not even a single word.
   He said, excuse me
   I got alert, drank sip of water.
   And I introduced me to him. 
   Shook my hand, for God sake we had our first touch.
Then, I agreed to organize the event.

Now we are partners not 
but in organizing an event. 
He told me, we both can meet tomorrow so that i can say certain guidelines to be followed.

Next day had come, I asked Urvi to come with me because I was tensed to handle him alone. 
Me and Urvi went together to his place and i saw him there. He was looking damn hot in formals. 
He saw Urvi and recognized her, and asked you are the one who gave me a letter during graduation?
I was holding a glass in my hand and i left it down in shock.
I didn't remember that she was the one who helped me to give letter for the first time. I didn't get what to do at that time,

I need to cover something now so i 
Cut his question and said fine you both are known to each other already 
  It's good,
  And i further introduced
 To Rithvik that, it's Urvi, she is in hospitality field and she will look after it.
 And urvi, this is Rithvik our client and manger of the company we are dealing with right now.
And we three got into one contract

I was tensed, about what else he would ask her! 
And there he questioned Urvi, 
Do you remember the girl's name or face that gave you letter?
And Urvi told, No i couldn't make out.
He said, Okay
I asked who is that girl
He saw me and told the girl I will never forget
My cheeks got pink.
I again cut the conversation and got into official work. 

I can see him daily now, with very close distance where i can feel his breath. 
Rithivik and I got very close, more like a friend-zoned.
We shared many things, but he never told about that girl who is me, 
And i never told about the boy who is he. 
Day by day we got closer. 
We successfully finished there event. I think it may be my second goodbye to him. 

He told me that, It was pleasure    working with me. 
Thank you
And he said in these few days I observed you well
You are the kindest one, it's the thing which attracted me.
Furthermore he said, Fine I got your number I'll keep in touch with you 
    Bye !

And he left. 

A full stop.
To all the memories. 
A bye this time made me feel so painful than the past one. 

He came and, he left...
Again a broken heart, I built myself up and kept myself busy in my works

The other day Urvi came to me, 
And she told that, 
Rithvik likes me.. 
I said, stop making fun now I'm not in mood.
She said that Rithvik himself told her that, I like poorvi..
But I don't want to convey this to her
Because he was scared about what if I
 reject him!

     I was neither happy nor sad, I couldn't understand what's running in my head, I have no words left, no emotions to feel, no expression to show. 
I carried on with my work. 

It was 6'o clock in the evening I was returning back to home from office.
I got a call from Daksh, I just stopped my car and received his call
He asked, hey! Will you join for dinner tonight please....?
I said, sorry I'm tired will meet up tomorrow
He said, I'm leaving India tomorrow, so please! I'm on my way to 
"MEET ME" restaurant  I will be waiting for you, Come soon. 
He told this and hung up the call

I went home got ready to go for dinner. Then soon after that I called Daksh to say I'm leaving home, someone else received the call and said,
    The owner of this mobile as met with an accident, we were waiting for someone's call beacuse the mobile was locked to call there family.
     So he got admitted here in hospital ,
     Please come and finish the formalities.

I have no idea of what's happening, I just rushed to the hospital and saw him on the bed there with complete blood stains . 
I couldn't breath, i was shattered, it was hell seeing him in that way. 
     Doctor came and said, 
     It's very difficult to save him, we will try our best.

I asked doctor, will you please allow to see him once. 
     Doctor sent me in 
I went near him held his hand and told,
    please wake up let's go for dinner.....

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