Together or FARever | Episode 5-Goodbye

Together or FARever | Episode 5-Goodbye

(Continued from Episode 4-Full Stop)

Together or FARever | Episode 5-Goodbye.
A day that i never expected to happen, a day that crashed me hard, a day when i realised how much i still care him.
      I tried to open his mobile password, to call there parents.
     That fellow didn't even changed his mobile pattern from past years, I burst out with tears by seeing our code word as his password. We both have a same passwords till today. I never want to miss him now. 
        It's true that the value of something will be known only when they get far from us.

Need nothing but his presence right now . 
Doctor gave me his belongings. car keys, wallet and a letter
And he said,         
   Sorry we couldn't save him, 
   HE IS NO MORE...!!
I was suffocated there, I rushed to home. I couldn't cry now, I wonder why there were no tears coming out. 

I got a call from Rithvik, i didn't receive..
Later he messaged me that Urvi said me about Daksh and what all happened.
Please don't get deep now, hold yourself strong. I shut the door, sat in the corner then opened the letter I had. 

Together or FARever | Episode 5-Goodbye

 I fell down to the floor, and cried till my throat get dry, till my tears exhaust, till i dehydrate 
     It was not easy to digest his words, this maybe our last meetup, came true. I grabbed the bed-sheet covered myself and fell asleep. 
     The next day i woke up took some tablets and went to office as-usual. 
     I could see my face with a eye-bags, eyes turned red, tears rolling down my cheeks, I sat with a burden of thoughts and with emotional heart . 

     Rithvik came to the office and said It's not time to say you this but you need someone by your side right now. 
I really like you lot if you agree, I will help you to build you up from all the pain you are bearing. 
     I said him the truth, the truth of the past i was hiding. I told it was me who messaged him during graduation and I said sorry for everything I did. 
     He stood up with no word. He came near me held my hand and I stood up. He hugged me tightly and said 
     "I love you"
And left my office. 

   I couldn't forget about what happened to Daksh, I couldn't think of what Rithvik told now. 
     I got to know, I'm not to be someone's apple of eye, so I could do nothing but to leave everyone and go far from the place and get some Peace of mind. 
As always i thought of leaving my life with memories of Daksh And by dreaming of Rithvik.

I don't know whether loving someone with so intense, is a mistake. Every Relation will have love and lust.
     Where my both Relations were lived with No lust but just love..... 
     We got so busy in making love where we forgot something like physical acts happen. 

I got a call from Rithvik, 
he told, I don't know whether you are interested in me or no but I really want to be with you forever...
  if u agree?
I was mute for that instance. 
And told him, come home let's talk. 

I packed my bags, wrote a last letter to him. 

Together or FARever | Episode 5-Goodbye

A Goodbye. 
    Left it in my home to let him read. 

     And now it's been 2 and half years from that day. I'm far from his place with my job continuing and thinking of nothing and no one but only about my child. 
     Don't panic....,
     I adopted a child
     A happy mother even when i didn't gave birth to them he is my only lifeline. 
      I refreshed my life. 

     Every sad ending has it's beautiful beginning . It's okay to sacrifice your love for the people you love. I loved both of them more, that's why I got to leave one for the others happiness. 
     I don't want to make my love feel less for both, so i respected my thought of leaving both and try to stay okay.
     Love is not always lasting, every thing FADES, everything comes with an EXPIRY DATE .
Your bond with someone maybe
    "forever with you or FARever from you
Accept what you get, and refresh your life.... It maybe more fruitful than before 
It's my story 
Yours messed up,

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