AN ETERNAL LOVE | Episode 1 - Guy Of My Type

AN ETERNAL LOVE | Episode 1 - Guy Of My Type

an eternal love

     The footsteps from the stairs echoed back into the room and a familiar nervous exhilaration prickled across my skin, raising goosebumps on my bare arms and I got frozen, holding a letter in my hands. “Look at me…” Adhi shouted while he  grabbed my face by force, I looked at him with tears filled eyes trying so hard not to cry for his furious words 

Don’t touch my secret things, I won’t hesitate to slap you next time.” he said pushing me away. He just walked away letting his anger on me.

That’s when I let all my tears that I had been holding to fall freely.

     Adhi is my best friend since childhood, we literally share everything with each other. I hate it when he hides things from me, worst part is that I used to believe him because I trusted him so much. But now this incident is shit. Hating him and having episodes of awkward silences between us has become routine of my life. 

     It was 10th summer vacations, waiting for my board exam results. In order to show my anger to Adhi by ignoring him I skipped the summer camp that was planned with him and decided to go to my cousin’s place. I was a diehard fan of M.S.DHONI, literally I would have messed up with anyone who would oppose.

     One of my greatest crazes was collection of posters and making beautiful scrap book out of it. Those were the days, when there were no smart phones or any internet era ruling us with social media like today to collect the pictures. 

     If he wasn’t tall, I wouldn’t have noticed him. It is funny how his height shaped my life. If he had been two inches shorter, my eyes might have never met his and everything would have been different. The poster with small face hidden behind the curtain of my neighbor’s home killed me… 

Yess it was my MSD and tallest person was struggling to stick a poster of him on the wall. “Bro, catch and handle it correctly” he shouted. He just passed the cello tape roll to his brother, but his brother missed it. The tape rolled and came out to me. He seemed too arrogant to even give a glance at me. I just stood for a while and he ran and came to me to collect the tape,

cello tape ma’am, please” he said.

I just threw the cello tape and he caught it with ease. Looking at me he said “Wish to join us to stick the poster ” I was eager to watch full poster of MSD. And that day I met a guy of my type. My kind of partner in my collections of posters of my favorite player, he was tall handsome charming, cute in acts, innocent, introvert with over-possessiveness and son of single parent-his mom…

     My mind pondered to get that big poster from him, either to steel it or to beg him to give me. Finally, I made my way to his house next morning with every step rehearsed and what was I going to tell him…

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