AN ETERNAL LOVE | Episode 2 - Hooked up With Friend-Zone


I was wearing my black top with blue leggings and loosely tied up hair. “Hi I’m Anu” I said “And this is Manoj”, he added, “Thank you for helping me out yesterday” he added. “My pleasure and you know something? I’m also a crazy fan of MSD” I expressed.

A week passed and we became fast friends. When you are with someone and you don’t want anyone else to find out you hide it and sneak around. Every moment was a special and valuable moment. I didn’t even want to waste single minute to impress him and be the owner of big poster any more..

“Aaaa haa! I’m goanna get you for this!!!” I shouted, while Manu threw hard a ball towards me.

“Try and get me Anu” He shouted back with a grin.

“You will see and pay for it for sure.” I snouted.

Tanmay his brother just hit him hard and helped me in taking revenge. Playing outdoor games were the only source of entertainment for the 90 kids. Those were just a marvelous thing we enjoyed the most.. A short while later we pulled an all-night together playing indoor games and watching IPL games of our favorite MSD, chit chatting and fighting with Tanmay involving MSD score was just a routine. Special were the days when it would be the RCB VS CSK match, fights were awesome during that time..

By now all his small posters were mine …I owned them literally. We both collected around 1000+ scraps together from newspapers and magazines.. As it was the era of MSD as captain for Indian T20 as well as IPL season. We literally haunted for different newspapers. Manu had also promised me to take me to Ranchi to meet my celebrity crush MSD.  Soon we started sharing everything to each other. We just became inseparable.  Sometimes his weird behaviors made me like him more, he used to be too cold, he was 100 percent right with his things. He refused to let me eat food from his plate and he would never do the things which I asked him to, he was always a listener of his mind and his heart just like my bestie Adhi. Despite of his stubborn side, he was always there for me and kept me happy. It was not big things but the small little things that brings lots of joy to me.

I had certainly messed up the relationship with Manu, friendly or it’s something more I always want to be accepted by others. I want to be liked, want to be loved so I put down all my whishes aside and started being the way Manu like, started to behave to please him.

My holidays were above to end, Adhi was waiting for my arrival. He was missing me badly. Even I was very eager to narrate everything about my new BFF that day. Manu pulled me into his arms and gave me hug while signing off..

How was I supposed to tell Adhi about Manu .. Just thinking about it, I took a small nap on my way to home. My cell buzzed in my jeans pocket, and I read the first text from Adhi after long cold gap.

Adhi: Hey waste, where are you?

Anu: I’ll be there in a while.

Adhi: I missed you like crazy. You ape

I just smiled and felt relieved that everything was cool from the last incident… Soon I reached the stop and Adhi picked me up and we went to his home.

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