When I revealed about manu to adhi.... Adhi’s response was totally cool…  As he started teasing me sarcastically telling Manu as my new partner.. To make the things easier I just dialed, his number to introduce Adhi. Not everyone can navigate a first meet with unknown person, both have been overwhelmed by the situation at first, later on our conversations really went as smooth as I expected.

     My relationship with Manu was beautifully carved BFF zone in fact even though he was far away, there was a glittering magic in long distance .In fact we felt so much connected even when we were far away from each other, we both had those days of staying at each other’s home for lunch, dinner and breakfast and we walked together at night in soothing breeze just looking at the crescent moon in the sky.. We fought for silly reasons. We made up a lot of funny conversations along with mythological arguments on Mahabharata and Ramayana, we laughed, we danced, we hugged and we both cried too…

     Well!! There was no filter between me and Adhi, he was trustworthy. He would never paint pretty picture for me, to what seems like good or bad to me, sort off straightforward. He was always there for me, protected me and loved me no matter what the circumstances. Out of all nothing makes me to stop hiding things from Adhi. So, taking Adhi’s call or he taking my calls and replying to my messages was common. Manu always hated it. In fact this created a big problem between us.

Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you”. Sometimes being possessive is just love and at the same time its hate too. I pleaded him so much but nothing was working between us.

In order to divert my mind, I decided to move to Adhi’s place for preparation of plus 1 entrance exam for applying college.

I was desperately waiting for Manu’s reply after watching me being with Adhi. And Adhi sensed that something was disturbing me…

He broke the silence.

ADHI: Is it just friendship? (He questioned with open wide eyes.)

ANU: Yes pure friend zone after all.

ADHI: I Don’t think so..  Maybe he is flirting or started to have feelings for you, I guess. Hold your horses!

ANU: Common dude its nothing like that

ADHI:   whoa!!!

ANU: I don’t know but he always makes out all the imbalanced things of me.

ADHI: So.. What do you want to do now?

I just changed the topic and said “let’s do 1 chapter of mathematics and then we will hangout bit and then bio?”. “Sounds cool…” he added.

     We solved mathematics for 3 hours. Complex numbers, calculus, and Quadratic equations UGH. They were really hard, I took 30 min extra as I was mathematics is not much my strong point.

Finally!!! I’m done!! Break time lets go out” I screamed with relief.

     We both went out for a cycle ride in the outskirts of town. We just sat below the big tree, the cool breeze was hitting hard to my face and thoughts, but I just sat there watching the sunset while Adhi was busy in call with his new girlfriend. The one who created mess between me and Adhi and he had raised his hand just for touching his personal and secret stuffs. I hated my friend for this, for ignoring me.

On other hand I waited for Manu’s reply. My heart sank, I had pleaded him so much. How could he be so unrelenting towards me?  I remembered the lines of lord Krishna “DHYAYATO VISAYANPUMSAH SANGASTESUPAJAYETE, SANGATASAMAJAYATE KAMAH KAMATKRODHO BHIJAYATE” which means continuous thinking about an object creates attachment to the object. Attachment creates the desire to possess that thing and desire creates anger or POSSESIVENESS. Something was really not good so I just walked off all alone.

I observed a small lit of possessiveness in Manu because of Adhi. The small lit started spreading and caught fire. It started to burn our relationship slowly.

My cell buzzed, Adhi texted me asking why I walked off alone from there? But then when he didnot even get a reply from me, he stopped at my house to talk to me on what happened.

ADHI: Waste. I know you have some issues going on with Manu.

ANU: What do you mean?

ADHI: I mean you are hiding more from me and he does not like me being with you.
I paused for a while laughing, “No! Shut up nothing like that.” I replied.

Adhi nodded in approval but feels still he is not convinced. I just ended the conversation and waited for my next surprising hours of my BIRTHDAY…….

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