Zing zing…” alarm clock buzzed for the millionth time, I heard someone singing badly. As I opened my eyes, Adhi’s face flashed in front of me. Suddenly he knocked on my head and hugged me tight and shouted “Get ready to go out!!!

It was 9 in the morning; I did my morning routine and wore a turquoise sweatshirt captioned “Stay Focused” and paired it up with blue high waist jeans which was gifted by Adhi.

I call up Adhi who was supposed to be here before 10 minutes, but as usual he was late. Finally, when he came with matching turquoise sweatshirt captioned “BFF Forever”. He never believed in gifts, celebrations and those kinds of stuff. Instead he plans for beautiful memories that stay forever… but today he bought me a nicely handwritten, colorful “Show me the meaning of being lonely…” song by Backstreet Boys. It was really sweet to read, and he took me to the Mountain View point. It was best moment I had spent close to nature, so refreshing, peaceful and pleasant weather all around.  We decided to go to the cave temple of lord Shiva. It took about 20 minutes to climb the stairs and we reached the temple. Divine mesmerizing with sparkling and illuminating Diya’s light… I just opened the song Adhi had given me and we both just started singing, obviously in a very bad way…. But we both enjoyed the day. Indeed, it was my kind of day, just loved it. We had my favorite Pulav and Curd rice for lunch and left the place.

After coming back I took a nap. It has been 48hours 32 min and many uncountable seconds have passed since I received any call or text from Manu. It had been my day and I didn’t want the day to end with any regrets, so leaving my ego aside I just dialed his number.

ANU: Hello monkey!!!

MANU: Hi MSDian I knew you would call... Oh WASTE how was the day (sarcasm in his voice, because ‘Waste’ was the word Adhi used to address me).

ANU: Ugh... Know something? ( a pause).

He started playing my favorite song “show me the meaning of being lonely” in his mouth-organ...

What was going on??? Perfect silence was ruling us both.

Manu: Happy Birthday dear!!! And I do mean every word in the lyrics. I’m really being lonely, just come back… I’m sorry for last two days...

Oh my god!!! I just went blank… One had written the song lyrics colorfully and other played it beautifully… What else can one expect right?

I had called and I have to save the balance for another 15 days for that month. I finally spoke; “Idiot, why did you waste time playing whole song? First stanza was far enough, we could have talked instead. After all, it’s my call after so many fucking hours because of your bad mood.” Yes, I was rude. All I wanted was to put out my anger.

Okay ma’am!! Calm down. Let’s talk then” he replied showing the obvious irritation.

What to say?” I said with a difficult attempt to hide my smile and happiness that he was finally talking to me but angry because he hadn’t called first.

Manu: You can start by praising what a great guy I am!!

Anu: No, you are not. (I was bit saucy with my words).

Manu: I knew you would get back to me today and this is what I had planned it for.

Anu: Rubbish, idiot, dumbo, waste fellow, hopeless… “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING” I added…

He asked about my day. And I purposefully ignored the talk.  Someone knocked at my door, it was Adhi who was shouting like hell, and he heard the sound and hung up the call ….

Time is heartless. When you want it to move slow, it flies like a rocket and when you are waiting for something important it crawls. That day a part of me was waiting for a biggest hope to come true through his wishes as I didn’t want to end his friendship.

I just opened the door of my room and it was like someone had planned for something else for the last few minutes of the day.

Yeah… a perfect night out with biriyani and some lovely chit chats with perfect Korean movie “HEARTY PAWS” (something about doggy and small girl). I had planned to go out for my holidays but.......

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