It was Adhi’s entrance exam for higher studies, Adhi really cracked it at his best, I was really very happy for him,

ANU: Waste you got selected! Yess Dumbo u made it. 

ADHI: Yess! I did, thanks to Sakshi

ANU: Oh of course, this is what I get for being your childhood friend and you are only thanking her right?

ADHI: Oye waste I’d never look in the mirror and thank myself so thinking you would be same for me.

ANU: Common dude, don’t give these build-ups, let’s plan a party, (the very next moment he took his cell and calls Sakshi “Thank you it’s because of your books and guidelines I cracked my entrance exam, so party tonight let’s hang out).

Both of us were waiting for Sakshi, Specially our Romeo I was just fed of watching his eagerness.

Sakshi had brought him a PUMA Hodiee and T-Shirt as a congratulation gift for him; I took Hodiee in my hand: wow Black PUMA Waste!   

ADHI: Do you like it?

ANU: Just Awesome! I loved it

ADHI: Then you take that Hodiee I’ll keep this T-Shirt,

ANU: Wow, I was really happy

SAKSHI: Adhi, I know that you are best friends but I had brought both the gifts for you only. Please Anu don’t mind,

ANU: No problem it’s okay, actually it’s good if I have it, but it will be best when Adhi wear it. I just added (That was really hurting; Sakshi went to talk to her friends).

ADHI: Did you feel bad? I told you na that she is bit a Straightforward.

ANU: Hi waste common… why will I feel bad?  Leave it yar No problem please call your Juliet I’m really hungry (I screamed). 

We all three enjoyed a lot that day with lots of insecurities in me of course. It was dark we were about to leave the place, I just cleared the bills and coming back. I heard Adhi addressing Sakshi as “Common WASTE, let’s make it done as soon as possible”, I really hated it and asked him, while Sakshi went to bring our parked DIO, “What is this aaa?” “Just a casual talk, what else?” he said, “Why did you address her as WASTE?” I shouted at him, “Common idiot, she is also my friend it’s no big deal, he added”. Oh! Is she your friend? Look, I’m your only best friend and the word WASTE is only for both of us, I’ll kill you if you use it with anybody else. He just ignored and said don’t act like small girl end it, lets move she will be waiting. All three of us were in single two wheeler, it was Adhi who was riding and Sakshi in between us and forever. After some time, Shit! Traffic policeman, Anu get down fast you come by Auto he shouted, it was really very bad. I said no I won’t, while Sakshi said “How can you leave her like that” while Adhi said “She will be fine don’t worry” he didn’t even think for second about me.

It was a dark night I was all alone no vehicles were passing that way; I managed somehow and reached my place. It was really hurting, Adhi didn’t even check on me, whether I reached home safely or not. Day by Day everything was going to shit. Both of them were moving really close, and I felt ignored. He started ignoring my calls; it was really becoming hard for me. So I decided to move for coaching classes without informing Adhi, while Adhi was eager to meet and share his first date, I wanted him to look on career first, and then all this but he never listened to me. I packed my bags and went to Adhi’s place to take my books; Aunty asked me “why are you not telling Adhi about it? Something is wrong between you guys, I feel”, “No aunty he found a new Friend so he forgot the old one” I said and just left his place.

Suddenly I found Adhi at bus stop.
ADHI: You are here, without informing me, why are you leaving?

ANU: Why should I? Anyways I said you about my coaching classes Na?

ADHI:  But Waste, You said you won’t go right?

ANU:  Yes, but I’m feeling to go now, you remember? Once u said “Each ones priority in life changes as 
time passes” and this is my priority right now,

ADHI: Oh! Is this more important than me? I’ll help you here with all the doubts why are you moving so far? This not good Waste,

ANU: Oh! Dude please. Even you have more important things than me now.

ADHI: Why you are saying like that?

ANU: Why should I not say yaar? Think about how you used to be and how you are now?

ADHI: Waste Sakshi? Is Sakshi your problem?

ANU: It’s not Sakshi, it’s you, “when was the last time you spoke to me on phone, or we met each other?? Remember? Even you are not answering any of my calls… you are completely ignoring me.

ADHI: Are you mad? Why will I avoid you?

ANU: You are! That day you both left me alone on the road and went away, you were not even concerned about me; you left me in between and moved to her side when we were having lunch. You even stopped sharing matter happened in your life.

ADHI: That doesn’t mean I’m avoiding you; you are my best friend right? And you need to understand me. If at all I’m avoiding you, then why would I tell you first about her? May be I didn’t realize that I was doing all this in the process of being close to her. I thought I was getting closer to Sakshi But I didn’t realize I was drifting away from you. Even now I came here to share these things with you. What I and Sakshi decided for future move, but you are leaving me here because you are upset with me, you want to go na? Okay get lost!!

ANU: Sorry waste, I don’t want my friendship to ruin your love I’m sorry... and i was just coming back. 

Beep my cell beeped, text from Manu “Hi surprise!  I’m coming there for 2 days I got some workshop associated with college”. “Let’s enjoy together” I said the matter to Adhi, and we came back home,

It was off day for Manu, I decided to call him home. Meanwhile Adhi had already decided to hang out with Sakshi so I decided to plan outing for all four of us to nearby Mountain View. We were enjoying at most, there was nothing to stop us, Indeed it was dream for me to be all together happy ,Manu said” Every year let’s take break, and enjoy like this it’s just so awesome ”Yeah It will be great” Adhi added, As I said  “One year a? No it would be better to meet every six months.

SAKSHI: Six months? No chance baby. If both of us go to higher studies then it’s really hard for us to come here. As it is we won’t have time to chase our own Dreams, Aims, Goals, Aspirations So where will we find time for you guys?(perfect silence was ruining between us I was watching Adhi, while Adhi and Manu were watching Sakshi) I didn’t say anything to disappoint anyone but “it was all about being practical in life” she added.

ANU: Whatever, we will be happy wherever we are, we will be much happier; if we meet that’s it. Come let’s move down its time up.

While moving down, Manu was throwing pebbles randomly, but accidently it hurt Adhi, The blood started wooing out, I was above to move forward and check it. But Sakshi rushed me back and said “Just move back, I’ll take care of him,” That was really hurting she dint even allow me to touch Adhi, I shouted at Manu badly in that frustration. While Adhi pushed her back and seeked my help, which created a gap between both of them. I did the first aid and made blood to clot, and went for lunch. I went to Sakshi and apologize for the whole thing “Sakshi I’m sorry for Adhi’s push!! Please don’t mind” but she took it in other way she started shouting at me “This is too much why I will misunderstand Him? It was just an accident He has all rights to say anything to me, so you… please Anu… I Don’t need your explanations” I just came away with tears, Sakshi asked me some private time for both of them. 

While I was angry with Manu so I just ignored him and sat on the rock, I saw an amazing thing… a chameleon was laying eggs, It was really very mesmerizing and as  Adhi liked such things, so I wanted him to watch it.  I just called him and asked come soon. It’s serious, both of them rushed I started laughing and showed him the scene. Both Adhi and Sakshi were really angry at me for ruining their private time, I was really blank. It was time, we just went back with loads of mess between all four of us...

(To Be Continued...)

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