Adhi wanted me to forget the scenario and move on. So he pretended to ignore my letter and his reply was “ALL IS WELL” I’m sorry for being  rude and my rudeness for touching the things was I don’t want my waste to feel I’m ignoring her for someone else end it and move on.

Somewhere I started studying seriously for plus2 may be for parents pressure, or Adhi’s words or yes may be for myself too Life seems to be satisfying the great things, I feel like I was always hungry for knowledge “dream of agriculture guide" and teaching was drawing me crazy .Sometimes the parents pressure was absolutely frustrating As they come from different generation and different time there was no exact match between us through they love you unconditionally but the way of thinking are absolutely opposite they never match to ours.

I Don’t know Adhi’s words seemed to be propelling me forward and pushing me to work harder and harder in fact my parents were happy to see me for my being with all stuffs somewhere I just forgot Manu and kept him out of my circle I was happy with my studies ,my super cool lucky five “SQUAD OF SPIRIT”, our outings, Avani her teachings and super sensational love stories yes whatever it was  I was just perfect with my life. other day my mom said “I think you should stop taking so much stress and rush towards the life, Look at you  just  became so lean take care of health Anu its really worse if u ignore the health As it was very hard for me to manage everything with my PCOD gynec Health issues.

As I’m food carving girl one day Adhi planned me to take me on road trip to the countryside BIRIYANI CENTER which was near to Manu’s place i thought we three would have spent a good time there. We hired the car for day as it was early in the morning I have missed my sleep I thought I would have continue the sleep seriously  or unfortunately he never left me to have my nap finally we reached the destination I was about to call Manu to join us but something inside me was lagging.

Unfortunately the Biriyani center was closed as the owner was met with severe accident, Shit we both cursed our self for coming so far  we were really sad we can’t even be angry at this I just said lets go back by meeting Manu on the way, I just said it in flow’, “what? Manu ? he was astonished  he continued “Anu, look at the view yar  its so pleasant we have come all the way here waking up so early  just enjoy the pure oxygen.. And if you want you can ask Manu to join us here ,I was literally very happy and excited by hearing these words because Adhi’s  words  can fluctuate in a fraction of seconds without a second thought  I dialled Manu’s number and invited him , it was our first meet I mean all together in team.

Indeed it was my day without any question Manu also joined us ,everything was perfect with some un-comforting between us ,both of them just couldn’t cope up.

MANU: Hi ape he just hugged me that was really embracing moment in front of Adhi and he gave shake hand to Adhi.., Why do you came so far ?

ADHI:  Just like that to take some pure oxygen he smiled..

MANU: Oh oxygen! Ok ok take it and go, save it for tomorrow also and I will get it parcel for you .. That was really worse, Manu hated such taunts, I just interrupted .and said

ANU: Stop it dumbo  we came  just to eat some local BIRIYANI which is  served here and I explained all the scenario what  we have experienced

MANU: Hmmm, okay so what the plan for next?

ADHI:     I Just thought of going back but Anu wanted to meet you....

MANU: Not bad in fact I was very happy to meet you both  if don’t mind I’ll take you nearby cashew yard it is owned by my relative where we can eat roasted cashews n have some tasty organic fenny and cashews juice too and  last words  he said it  looking towards me.

ANU: yummy that’s really cool..

ADHI: No, I’m not interested in it.. By the way I’m not alcoholic like others.

ANU: It really triggered me,”How weird Adhi you are not suppose to talk like this yar, Even we are not alcoholic too I raised my voice,

ADHI: OK fine better stop talking to me na.. he neglected my words

Shit ya he was angry for not being his side I was just blank n asked Manu to show the path we followed his bike

ADHI: You would have go in bike with him? He added sarcastically.

ANU: I came in car till now, and I’m following it, was my reply.

We reached the yard, yummy so many Red cashews fruits hanging down to the green plant they wear really looking sexy.. So many types of roasted cashews they were just awesome for the girl like me who carved for nuts. While Adhi started being lone at back leaving us front. I really hated him for this attitude.

ANU: So monkey how is the mom? How is your life?

MANU: Not good actually but somehow I can manage.

ANU:  Don’t worry everything will be fine I tapped his back ,he held my hand in his n just kissed it i kissed him back ,being unaware of Adhi and  at a time I started looking for Adhi.

ANU: Dude stop being on your phone please, I shouted at Adhi.

ADHI: I’m checking the network to connect the call to home.

ANU: We can do it later na .. Just be in a moment an  enjoy the things going on stop acting like dumbo.

ADHI: MADAM please..  Better stop raising on me and You know this is just four hour away from our place and we can come here any time of week that you want to ,yess but you cannot get your new bestie  again.. He added with sarcastically.(Manu was just aside staring at the preparation of fenny).

ANU: Stop Being sarcastic man please I requested and just moved on ..

All of us had some roasted cashews with spicy different flavored masala and some cashews juice That seems like perfect than the Biriyani I thanked Manu for that It was time up. Manu hugged me  and Adhi for signing off in fact Adhi hated it . I knew it was feeling awkward for both of them.. But no other choice I just want to balance .indeed “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT THE ART OF BALANCING OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL." But whole outing created a big space between all three of us specially Adhi and me.

All I was waiting for my result and dreaming of best future...  

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